Conventional and Non Man-Entry Tank Desludging and Cleaning

Many hydrocarbons, and in particular Crude Oils, deposit significant volumes of sludge. Crude Oil is a complex blend of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights from methane gas to high molecular weight aliphatic and aromatic compounds.

It is from these high molecular weight hydrocarbons that sludge is formed, combining on the floor of the tank with sand, silt, scale and water to form a semi-solid material.

SLUDGE can be defined as any material in a storage tank which will not flow under gravity to a suction point.

API 653, and other codes, require that storage tanks are internally inspected regularly for internal corrosion.

Copy of Manway Nozzle 1A tank cannot be entered for inspection and repair until all of the sludge and product have been removed and the tank declared gas-free and safe for man-entry without specialised equipment.

Confined space entry is an extremely hazardous activity that needs to be carefully controlled to ensure that risks to personnel are limited. It is generally accepted that the application of any system which reduces man-entry is highly desirable. Steve Scott has more than 30 years experience in the design and application of non man-entry tank desludging and cleaning systems.

Bro Nant International can offer the following services: –

  • Auditing and Reporting on Current Practice at your facility
  • Recommendations for future tank desludging and cleaning activity
  • Scope of Work preparation to achieve your specific requirements
  • Assessment of requirement for and design of a Sludge Reception Facility
  • Compliance with relevant local and international Health and Safety legislation
  • Identification and sourcing of potential contractors – local and international
  • Pre-qualification of potential contractors – local and international
  • Bid screening and recommendations
  • Sourcing of appropriate proprietary desludging and cleaning equipment for in-house applications.
  • Design and manufacture of bespoke solutions for specific applications.