Sludge Survey and Sampling

Knowing with some confidence how much sludge is in your tank prior to taking the tank out of service for scheduled inspection and maintenance can have major benefits including answering the following fundamental questions: –

  • Is it safe to land the floating roof?
  • Can a particular manway be safely removed?

Many a floating roof has been damaged and many a bund area flooded through ignorance of the volume and topography of sludge in a tank.

Most tank owners would agree that a Fixed Lump Sum price is desirable when requesting bids for tank desludging and cleaning. Without an accurate indication of sludge volume, how can a contractor submit a fixed lump sum price and how can he accurately determine the duration of the cleaning programme? If you include an accurate sludge survey with your bid package, there is no excuse.

Bro Nant International can offer the following services: –

  • Manually dipped sludge topographic survey for EFR tanks
  • Sonar topographic survey through third party associates
  • Thermographic determination of sludge height at the tank shell for fixed roof tanks
  • Sludge sampling to create a representative sample across the entire tank floor
  • Sludge analysis to determine optimum processing and/or disposal routes.

BNI products: –

  • Manual sludge topographic survey equipment for in-house use (includes training).
  • ‘Sludge Thief’ – uniquely able to extract sludge samples across the entire tank floor area

For further information on our Sludge Survey and Sampling services and/or equipment, please use the contact page to submit your enquiry.